Why People Like Best Website Builders For Small Business – 10 Useful Resources

The website establishes your business brand and communicates about your product & services. It helps to showcase your credentials when prospects try to find more about you and gives a feeling of being the right choice. The trick is in choosing the best website builders for small business.

Sometimes website even drives the business by subscription and eCommerce features on the website. We spoke about these things in my previous blog. I would request you to read that blog before you deep dive into implementing a website builder for your small business

I have already started about the 10 best website builder for small business. Let’s talk about each website platform and its features. 

1. WordPress hosted by self–no. 1 best website builder for small business

Gutenberg Website Builders for small business

WordPress is the best option for hosting a website. It is easy to implement and scale as your small business grows. It has great plugins to start eCommerce sites and subscription sites. One-third of the website is hosted on WordPress. The real WordPress a.k.a. WordPress.org. It is 100% free and considered being the best open-source software. WordPress stands out to be number 1 in the list of the best website builder for small business. 

Be aware of WordPress.org and WordPress.com. WordPress.org allows you to self-host the WordPress platform on your own cloud. It can be AWS, Bluehost, or GoDaddy cloud services. These all cloud services give you stack installed with WordPress of open-source and give you access to host your own website. 


  • WordPress is open-source and is free. It is available on almost every web hosting platform
  • WordPress comes with a marketplace, it allows you to either use free themes or you can buy the best theme available on its marketplace. 
  • It has features like drag and drops to build your pages
  • Comes with plugins like
    • customizable web and forms
    • GA integration 
    • Choice of SEO software
    • eCommerce
    • Course builder and showcase
    • Calendars

Bloggers use WordPress and makes way to be on top of the best website builder for small business. The support for WordPress is readily available. There are forums and easy-to-find talent on freelance sites.


  • To install and manage WordPress on web hosting services.
  • Need to do a lot, from buying themes, doing everything like SEO, management of the website, and updating my own. 

We are never low with business ideas. Our team has covered variety of small business at home.

2. Web.com stands second in best website builders for small business

Popular for “do it yourself” (DIY) website builder. It comes with features to drag-and-drop content to make your website. Make a website irrespective of your technical skills. It comes very easily in your pocket. 

Templates library will ease your choice of design for your website. Web.com even supports a newbie to work on their website and complete the task without a major hustle. When I talk about such features, it doesn’t make a hole in your pocket. It comes at a very affordable price. Web.com is proud no.2 in best website builder for small business.


  • Web.com comes with templates to instantly start making your website
  • Drag and drop feature 
  • You would need zero coding knowledge
  • Tools like SEO, marketing, and integration to CRM
  • Starts at as low as $1.95 per month
  • Best website builder for small business


  • As you scale, it gets costly

3. Wix falls at third in best website builders for small business

Wix has made us aware of how easy it is to make your website for small businesses. WordPress and other website builders were before Wix, but with Wix campaign made us think of a website as an easy-peasy. 

Though they were in existing since 2006, in recent times they did a high pitch campaign. 


  • Wix comes with 500 templates 
  • You can pre-populate it with your content
  • Comes with ADI (Artificial design intelligence) which helps you to make a Wix website builder
  • Very easy for small businesses and early startups


  • Template changing on the fly is not possible
  • Exit from Wix is difficult
  • It complicates when you scale

4. GoDaddy Website builder–no.4 best website builders for small business

GoDaddy is a very popular web hosting service provider. With web hosting, they offer you multiple services. So, they have a website builder tool to make your website. It is easy to buy everything in one place: web hosting, email IDs, and website builder. A right entry into my list of the best website builder for small business. 


  • Templates library with drop and drag
  • Buy everything in one place
  • Capable of embedded multi-media
  • Make a responsive website to access on mobile 


  • Limited features when compared to other tools to make the website
  • Not friend with a content-rich website
  • Exit from one GoDaddy platform to another is difficult

5. HubSpot Website builder 

The most popular CRM tool has a website builder. A website that will be compatible with CRM, subscription, eCommerce, and any sales activity. The best choice is to do everything in one place. The drag-and-drop feature of the website builder. HubSpot website builder makes it easy for responsive websites and easy access on multiple devices. Multiple tools like SEO, marketing tool, and CRM too. This would be the best website builder for small business. 


  • Seamless integration with best-in-class CRM, HubSpot CRM
  • Creates customer data and makes website personalized
  • Dynamic website for multi-tier, like location, device, language, and many other features
  • Live chat
  • Calendar


  • Normally it is the best fit for the landing page for your email & social media campaign
  • Can’t beat the feature of WordPress.org
  • Costly option

6. Gator Website Builder

HostGator is very popular in the web hosting business. Gator has a great template library and has features like drag and drop. Buy everything in one place, web space, email ID, domain name, and website builder. 


  • Doesn’t need learning, just start as you buy
  • Library of professional theme
  • Drag and drop, and supports multi-media
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Implement SEO
  • Maintain the previous version


  • Easy to use makes it very complicated when you need to integrate tools like SEO and eCommerce
  • Difficult for eCommerce implementation

7. MemberPress best website builders for small business with membership

Are you looking for a website to restrict entry into essential content? Do you want to sell membership for such content? Then MemberPress is just made for you. It extends the plug-in to WordPress and not have become a website builder on its own. It has all reasons to be on the list of the best website builder for small business. 


  • No coding skill is needed and can go live with your membership site in minutes
  • Enable recurring subscription feature
  • Membership based content release 
  • Integrate plugins 
  • The best part, you can have WordPress themes 
  • MemberPress offers you high-quality customer support.


  • MemberPress with its features, comes for $150 per year
  • MemberPress is on top of WordPress, which makes it to update your frame ware as WordPress does

8. Weebly listed 8 in best website builder for small business 

Weebly has many useful built-in apps. Great for beginners, as you are small business owners, you would need to start small. It comes free as a start and as you grow, your business, content and built-in apps are charged. Good value for money. 


  • Fully hosted and one-stop for everything for the website. No need for technical hand.
  • Drag and drop feature. 
  • Responsive templates to choose from the library
  • SEO friendly 
  • The free version comes with a 500MB limitation
  • Built-in Lead creation tool


  • It starts freebie, and as you scale a bit, they charge
  • Drag and drop is not that easy
  • No exit, locked into Weebly

9. BigCommerce

Best website come eCommerce site. Start as a website, write blogs and gradually make it a site to sell stuff. Comes with every tool required to start an eCommerce, album, payment gateway, CRM, and product details. 


  • Great to sell products & services
  • Start website and scale to eCommerce
  • Templates to make your website look like a professional made
  • Comes with tools like email campaigns, landing pages, customer reviews, and many more
  • 55 payment gateways


  • Nothing comes free

10. Squarespace makes to our list of the best website builders for small business 

Squarespace website builder platform website is great in look and it doesn’t show it it’s not professionally built. Very sharp with design elements and templates in the library. It makes small business owners like you instantly adopt and launch the website. 


  • It comes with templates that are very easy to implement by any tech novice guy
  • The first 20 pages are free 
  • Affordable price with SSL certificates 
  • Inbuilt web analytics and eCommerce features


  • Though it starts with freemium, gradually it will push you to buy various things to make it look professional website
  • We need tech support after pages are ready 
  • eCommerce comes at the expense

I have narrowed down the crowd of website platforms to the best website builder for small business. I am sure it will help you choose from the list. 

If you ask me what should you select, then it’s very easy:

Go for WordPress self-hosted (it is available on cloud hosting solutions like BlueHost and many) if you want to make your first website or blog site 

Pick up BigCommerce if you want to start an eCommerce site

I will improvise on the best website builder for small business as time passes. 

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