Why your startup needs VPN

We all are on the cloud. Our essential IPRs are on the cloud. Our customers trust us when we sign NDA. The NDA process is so easy and no pain. We hardly read through customer NDA documents, nor our customer takes the pain to read them. Our partners and employees do the same. Everyone trusts each other.

Trust is an essential part of any business but is it enough. What if one person gets rouge. Are we positioned to put our overall business at risk? That is a big question.

The easiest to do is make things easy for everyone. Not allow anyone to breach the security. When things are in control, people don’t get to the wrong side. Association will safeguard by keeping things in control.

Protect it rather than keeping it loose ended and easy for everyone to breach.

To protect IPR and essential data. The best way is to have a trusted VPN. It is abbreviated as Virtual Private Network is a network of computers over the public, usually the internet, to connect private networks. We have better VPN solutions today to make your VPN setup done easy and provides multiple benefits.

Better Security

VPN has an encryption mechanism that protects your data and IPR from hackers, data theft, competition, or even government. The login process of VPN connects with the remote server with the exchange of trusted keys.

Remote Access

WFH is changing the way we work. It becomes essential for our staff to work on our servers but with an encrypted connection. VPN helps to leverage businesses and employees to work from anywhere with the public internet.

VPN is easy

A VPN is easy to deploy and easy to use for the employee group. They are very cost-effective. ROI is much greater since the risk is very high. The best is to protect, then fight the breach or keep someone to look out for threat. It reduces support costs.

Having a VPN for your startup venture will save you for many things, including potential threats. It protects a firm’s privacy.

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