Wine is great pleasure drinking

Wine is a pleasure, spiritual, and healthy drink.

Happy Wine Day to you all!

Glad to write this article to boost wine drinking. We are in an era where the options for drinking are enormous and wine has just become a choice for an occasion or some rituals.

Why Wine is such an affluent drink but still misses the style. Countries like India, Korea, and Japan producing Wine. Wine is a cultural drink from France, and the French are drinking less wine than ever before. France has an iconic link for centuries with wine.

Greeks introduced wine before the Roman conquered Gaul. Production expanded after the 12 century and today we have regional names for the wine-making process–Bordeaux, Bourgogne, or Champagne. French set the benchmark for winemaking.

Though the winemaking is all same, you need to pick the grapes, crush the grapes, ferment, age the wine, and bottle the wine. Label the process of preparation and year of bottling. Price it. Combined with the best meal and Wine will compliment every moment, every bite, and every sip you take.

I remember my date when I ordered wine with pasta made in blue cheese. For an appetizer, we chose thin crust pizza again with blue cheese. Paired our food with Merlot Wine. We were a most prized customer in that fine dining restaurant when the server got our wine bottle in the ice tub and placed it on our table. That night getting high gradually made all sense for pleasure round and good night sleep.

Ecstasy, Glee, Joy, Pleasure, Gratification, Relish the list can go on. From that day to today, I still remember the day.

Don’t waste your life in having spirits spoiling your health. Make an event when you have wine. The better part of wine is, it can complement anything. Your woman might not drink so much, but Wine can make a day for you both.

Here are the ways to make a day with wine.

Geek Drunk

A new word to learn, Geek Drunk is an urban word for geek wasted. Geek Drunk is nothing to do with booze. It is to immerse in new technology, which you want to understand, but no clue.

But then you can be a Geek Somber. You don’t need to drink too much alcohol and burn your throat but just have wine. Wine will relieve your mind and body. It will make you feel relaxed and give you a Good Morning for you to immerse in tech and come out as a Geek the winner, rather than being Geek Drunk.

What to do:

  • Try out white wine. It will be citrus come honey to taste. Make sure before gulping, you smell, sip, rotate the wine in your mouth and gulp it.
  • White wine will also keep your heart healthy and moderate drinking of white wine will relax your body for next day
  • Don’t drink to get high but to enjoy
  • Don’t get cheap. You are a geek and can burn a hole in your pocket one day for a wine bottle.

Entrepreneur productive tools

Working Couples

It might have been a hard day for you and your girl already barging that someone else took away her effort. You gave quick-to-do things, but then she adopted to wait for another day to get her due appreciation.

You wasted your day in video calls and finally ended your dry-on energy. There is a characteristic of Thursday. We wait for it to finish so that we come to terms with TGIF. Thursday is no fun for anything.

So don’t plan a weekend in Cancun in Mexico. You will get infected with Covid. Dress up Thursday. Order Italian delicacy and get your favorite Merlot wine.

What to do:

  • Make sure you order one full bottle, just for the two of you. Don’t waste a drop and let it go all in your tummy.
  • Eat well before you finish your bottle. Eat cheesy food and end with a chocolate dessert.
  • Wear simple clothes for easy in dropping them and everything between your sheets

Team up with your colleagues

You might be misogynist and hate a reference to a woman. You have all reasons to celebrate your day. Eat Mexican food, swing with music. Play bowling or even have hands-on with a slot machine. Don’t waste money on gambling.

Smoke a Cuban cigar and get Port Wine. There are many advantages of port wine. Port wine protects your prostate and reduces the chance of getting prostate cancer. That’s enough for you to get on a date every week once with Port Wine.

Port wine is easy on the pocket. You can even go high and get drunk.

What to do:

  • Take your friends and colleagues, be casual and get ready to get high
  • Get on sport, game, gamble, cigar, shake your leg or even end up at tattoo parlor after you get high by drinking port wine
  • You will save a lot of money with port wine. Save it and invest in a startup.

Wine can get you on with communication. Enjoy your food with your partner, friend, lover, or anyone with you. It is a great way to be healthy and not get a tag of Teetotaler.             

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