Entrepreneurship is unique and uncommon

You are not at a Job

Entrepreneurship is unique and uncommon. The wiring differs completely from a gentleman with branded clothes, shoes, and a high-end phone, who is working in Fortune 500 firm. Entrepreneurs don’t brag about the car they drive or what mode of travel they took to reach the meeting venue. An entrepreneur works with passion to only promote their idea.

The idea can be any… may be to raise money in an investor conclave or It can be a meet with the early adopter and entice them for the first move to use their solution Or can even work hard to get the first PoC and customer testimonial.

The entrepreneur will brag about winning deals and will talk about how they eased adoption to increase the number of users.

To be precise , will talk about the valuation of the firm and increase in market share.

They will trade their solution for the issue and solve it to make money.

The bigger the value is bigger the earnings.

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They solve problems at start-ups, solve problems for vertical, solve a problem for SMEs and solve a problem for enterprises. They aspire to increase the size of the deal step by step. That’s what they made for.

Entrepreneur productive tools

Their work is tempting, they charm you, people want to be around them, opposite sex wants their attention. They are the boss; the ones who did it.

Entrepreneur thrived to be different.

Feel happy, you are an Entrepreneur!

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